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HWM is a water filtration system provider in Pensacola, FL, that allows homeowners to enjoy a steady supply of clean, healthy water. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Below are some of the good things people say about us.

“…shortly after we found our well, although safe, but had various mineral Ph, and other problems. After several weeks and numerous consultations with various water purification companies, we were still undecided and unsatisfied with the systems offered, the costs, and the upkeep requirements. Since we had used an unorthodox method of finding a home builder which work to our benefit, we decided to try the same method for finding someone to handle our water purification needs.


    As luck would have it, our methodology worked again when we called Healthy Water Man. From the first contact with Mr. Stephen Russo, the Healthy Water Man, we knew we had the system that met (even exceeded) our expectations. Mr. Russo was a no-nonsense, soft-sell gentleman who provided the facts and benefits of his system; readily gave references, prices, and warranty information; as well as thoroughly explaining maintenance and oup[keep data. Best of all, when the above system and benefits were compared to other systems and presented to the bank, the loan officer did not hesitate to modify our construction loan to accommodate the GOAT. Six months later and well-settled into our new home and rural life, we now have a full-house water purification system that is providing clean, healthy drinking water and uncontaminated shower and bathing water with virtually no maintenance and after-the-sale support rarely encountered.


    Without hesitation, we can say that the GOAT has added greatly to not only our health through pure drinking/bathing water, but also to our peace of mind in knowing that the water we use is safer and less contaminated than any other available.”


-Richard and JoAnne Granson, Pensacola, Florida

    “Superb! Could not be more pleased with the GOAT Whole House Water Purification System. Tremendous peace of mind knowing that the water is free of metals, chemicals, VOCs, pesticides, fluoride, etc. This unit was not a purchase. It ewas one of the best investments I’ve ever made in promoting my good health in years to come. “


-Tom Harrison, Pensacola, Florida

    “My well water comes from the Florida aquifer located in the area of DeFuniak Springs, FLorida. I always considered its quality as being excellent. However, after installing the water purification system, the taste, smell, and cleanliness of my water has greatly improved. The GOAT has definitely reduced the algae and lime residuals in my pipes, toilet bowls, etc. I would recommend this whole house water system to everyone for their homes and businesses.”


– Dean Carman, DeFuniak Springs, Florida

    “The GOAT is great. It is one of the best pieces of equipment we’ve bought. Our health is well worth what we paid for the system. If you value the health of your family and your own, then get this system! You will be glad you did. Also, the Healthy Water Man crew will gladly help you with your water purification needs.”


– Scott and Kathy Mills, Pensacola, Florida

    “I am happy to say that it was the best thing I did to have a water purification system installed in my home. My family and I enjoy our drinking water straight from the tap. I have saved hundreds of dollars in bills over the past five years, and I am sure it is because of the GOAT. Recently, I rented my home to my friends, and they enjoy the clean, healthy mineral water just as much as I did. Five years ago, I was having some financial problems, and Healthy Water Man financed my water system in full for a very reasonable rate.”


– Sally Yamato, Las Vegas, Nevada