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About Our Healthy Water Systems

Stephen Russo of HWM has been in the water business for over 46 years. Approximately 29 years ago, Stephen had a medical problem and wanted to find out why it happened. In his research, he learned that most physical problems were somehow linked to one or more contaminants in tap water.

That started Stephen’s research on water. At the time, he was selling softeners and reverse osmosis systems, but he realized he did not know anything about water. He was just good at doing the pitch the way he was taught by the company he worked for, which included how to sell soap shavings and keep the plumbing from clogging.

It wasn’t long into Stephen’s research that he took out the water softener and reverse osmosis that he had at home. He knew then that he did not want salt-softened, un-mineralized, acidic, or dead water in his body or home. Also, he found out that it was not good for his health or plumbing. Sodium can be absorbed through the skin in your bath or shower, and at the same time, destroy your plumbing and appliances. This is the reason why Stephen designed his first healthy water system, the Ultra Max.

Stephen Russo